The most innovative flexible packaging solutions in India.

Multi Layer Films, Laminates, PVC Shrink Labels, Vaccume Bags and Liner Bags
3 Layer Films - The 3 layer films are generally used for packaging of high shelf stable products. It is basically used for:
  • Oil, Ghee, Vanaspati pouches/films for Reliance retail for cereal packs. Milk with wi enhanced graphics.
  •       Skin packaging for hardware goods for export (exclusive supplier in India).
5 layer Films - The 5 layer barrier films incorporates a Nylon Polyimide barrier, which makes it suitable for packing shelf stable products requiring shelf life from 6 to 12 months. It's application area are:
  • Oil, Ghee,Cheese,Vacume bagsfor Cashew nuts, Barrier sealants for technical laminates.
Laminates (3 Layer / 5 Layer)
  • Technical Laminates.
  • Nylon/EVOH based laminates for barrier properties.
  • Easy Peel laminates for meat industry.
Commodity Laminates
  • Tea, Sugar, Atta, Coffee, Biscuit, Milk Powder.
Poly Laminates
  • Provide complete scuff resistance
  • High Glass and increased shelf appeal
PVC Shrink Labels - Our range of PVC Shrink Printed Labels caters to the needs of various packaging applications. The product range encompasses : Cast PVC Shrink Printed Labels for bottles with unusual shapes & requiring differential shrink ratios.

Blown Films - Mineral Water, Beverages, Edible Oil.

High Glass FilmsBeverages & Edible Oil.

Cost Films - FMCG and Cosmetics

Vacume Bags / liner Bags - We specialize in manufacturing of gamut of Vaccum Bags in various sizes ranging from 100 grams to 25 Kgs.

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