The most innovative flexible packaging solutions in India.

Product Innovation
Products        Key Developments

Edible Oil Pouch Lowest cost option for packaging edible oil was developed at the Dow chemical facility in New Zealand.

Paint & Varnish Pouch Holographic pouch developed to prevent duplicacy & replaced tin packaging.

8 Layer Poly / Poly Laminates Developed by combining 3 & 5 layer technology as a fully recyclable pack.

Reliance Cereal Pack Developed a low cost recyclable substitute to the PET laminate for value packs.

UHT Milk Pouch
5 Layer EVOH pouch developed to extend shelflife to 6 months & expand market.

Packaging of Processed Meats Jointly developed several pack options for export and domestic markets through technology sharing with Micris.

Barflex's dedicated marketing efforts and commitment to acheave technology leadership have lead to strong relationship with partners like Micris, Du-Pont.

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