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Packaging Industry
  • Packaging industry is a multi-technology, multi product, multi process industry encompassing various materials like polymers, chemicals, metals, paper etc.
  • Currently, India's packaging industry stand at roughly INR775 billion and is growing at approximately 15% every year.
  • The domestic packaging industry is characterized by a large number of small players and only a few large players with national presence.

  • The consumer market dominates the industry with the food industry being the single largest end-user market, accounting for approximately 45%, followed by the pharmaceutical industry at 25%.
  • Of the total packaging industry, almost 80% constitutes rigid packaging ( glass bottles, metal cans, aerosol cans etc.), while the remaining 20% comprises flexible packaging which contains multilayered laminated sheets of plastic, paper or aluminium.
  • Flexible packaging is set for a higher growth due to advantages of ease of handling and lesser storage space which is increasingly appreciated, and traditional rigid packaging is taking a back seat.
  • The fastest growing segment are laminates and flexible packaging, especially PET and woven sacks.
  • On account of several factors including increasing consumerism, growing economy, retail revolution, etc. The sector is expected to grow at pace of ~20-25% to reach around INR2300 bn in the next five years.
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